Seasick at the Movies?

Photo Courtesy of Daily Mail Online UK

With new hi speed 3D camera techniques, come some side effects.  Some viewers claim a bit of headaches and queasiness.  I recall watching Inception and personally experiencing disorientation or a feeling of being in the movie for about 15 minutes after the film was completed.  Watchers beware.  Maybe there should be a disclaimer for not operating motorized vehicles for a half-hour after a film?–Cinema-goers-complain-camera-speeds-3D-effects-caused-headaches-queasiness.html

One thought on “Seasick at the Movies?”

  1. Viewers with astigmatism who normally wear prescription corrective glasses could be among the complainers. If that’s you, wear your street glasses under the 3D cinema glasses.

    I suspect the effect is less pronounced if you’re watching 3D HDTV at home. Not only is the screen smaller but so is the size of the effects in your field of vision.

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