Is Amazon one of the easiest platforms to promote your low budget Indie project?

Charts DVD Cover copy

“How to Lie with Charts” – Seminar version published as DVD-on-Demand from Amazon CreateSpace as well as streaming on Amazon VOD

The easiest and fastest way to promote your Indie film project may be via SD DVD to get the biggest audience.  Try Amazon CreateSpace burn-on-demand service, which is all about DVDs.  (To be future-proof, try shooting in HD 16:9 and down resolution/crop in post). Do you feel that Amazon is one of the easiest platforms on the net to promote your low budget Indie project?


One thought on “Is Amazon one of the easiest platforms to promote your low budget Indie project?”

  1. Creating a DVD master is not as easy as self-publishing an ebook or a Print-on-Demand trade book, because of the technicalities of video and audio encoding. But you do all that before you ever deal with Amazon. You just send them a DVD-R disc that works. Amazon does not charge for DVD mastering (at least, not yet). If you send them a thoroughly tested DVD that you’ve played back successfully on computers, as well as on both 4:3 and 16:9 TVs, they’ll send you a proof disc to approve. When you do, they’ll burn one each time a customer orders it. Producing the cover art is about as complicated as doing a book cover.

    And a lot of indie filmmakers are doing it. Now, how to get viewers interested is the hard part.

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